Writing correction services frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions – IELTS Whiz Writing Correction Service

What does the service include?

IELTS Whiz offers a unique IELTS writing correction service to help you improve your answers. Our service includes:

Highlighted errors (with error code key)
A table indicating which things have been done well and which parts of your answer need improving
An examiner’s report on each of the four marking criteria
Overall comments and feedback
An IELTS band score range

How does the service work?

1) Choose the package you would like and make your purchase.
2) You will be emailed specific instructions and questions.
3) Write your answer and submit your finished report or essay to IELTS Whiz by email.
4) Your answer will be corrected and the feedback will be sent to you by email.


Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my own questions?

No, you have to choose from one of the questions provided to you by IELTS Whiz. This is to ensure the quality of the questions.

Do I have to submit all my answers at the same time?

This depends on you. You can submit them individually, or all at the same time.

Does the service include both Task 1 and Task 2?

If you purchase 1 X Writing correction, you can submit either 1 X Task 1 report or 1 X Task 2 essay.
If you purchase 2 X Writing correction, you can submit 2 pieces of writing for marking and feedback and you can choose if these are task 1 or task 2.
If you purchase 4 X Writing correction, you can submit 4 pieces of writing for marking and feedback and you can choose if these are task 1 or task 2.

Are you an IELTS examiner?

IELTS examiners are not allowed to tell people they are examiners, so even if we were, we would not be able to tell you.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the writing correction service you should contact us at: support@ieltswhiz.com


We are always here to help, just send us a message using the address below


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